Danh động từ part 5

Mời các bạn đi tiếp đến part 5 của series Gerund and infinitive


  1. Make/let/have + somebody + V
    • Ví dụ: let me go
  2. Help + somebody + V or help + somebody + to V
    • Ví dụ :
      • I helped her to repair the car.
      • I helped her repair the car.
  3. Do you mind/would you mind/ I don’t mind + V-ing
    • Ví dụ: Do you mind opening the door?
  4. Had better(nên)/Ought to( nên)/ should(nên) + V
    • Ví dụ: I had better do exercise.
  5. To be looking forward to( mong chờ) + V-ing
    • Ví dụ: I am looking forward to hearing from you.
  6. How to V (cách để…….)
    • Ví dụ: Please show me how to make birthday cake. (làm ơn chỉ cho tôi cách để làm bánh sinh nhật.)

Exercise 1:

1. Don’t let your daughters (play) near the fire.

2. Let him (go) .

3. They let her (choose) a book, and she chose the purple book.

4. Camping helps me (enjoy) outdoor activities and nature.

5. The most important thing that helps me (achieve) something.

6. Would you mind (open) the door?

7. I made him (do) this.

8. We had him (repair) the car yesterday.

9. You had better (wear) this dress.

10. You should (drink) tea every day.

11. Do you mind (turn) on the fan?

12. Can you tell me how (do) this exercise?

13. Careful planning can help campers (avoid) making mistakes.

14. I learned how (swim) when I was young.

15. Please tell me how (get) to the post office?

16. We are looking forward to (meet) you on November at 8 o’clock.

17. I made her (buy) a new watch.

18. We were made (do) this.

19. You should (go) swimming everyday.

20. They let me (go) .


1. Play
2. Go
3. Choose
4. Enjoy – to enjoy
5. Achieve- to achieve
6. Opening
7. Do
8. Repair
9. Wear
10. Drink
11. Turning
12. To do
13. Avoid- to avoid
14. To swim
15. To get
16. Meeting
17. Buy
18. To do
19. Go
20. go

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